Solidarity with the revolt of the people of Chile and Latin America


The Rete dei Comunisti condemns the cruel repression taking place in Chile and gives its solidarity to the struggle of the Chilean people, oppressed by decades of neoliberal policies, and to all the peoples of Latin America in struggle.

Eighteen dead, thousands arrested, a state of emergency in many cities (i.e. curfew and a ban on assemblies and demonstrations), more than 10,000 soldiers in the streets – the first time since the end of the Pinochet dictatorship in 1990: this was the initial response of the government of Piñera to the gigantic demonstrations of protest, caused by the increase in the ticket of the metro but caused by deeper reasons. Chile, despite being one of the richest states in South America, is also one of the most unequal. The GDP is growing, but the fruits of wealth are not distributed: 60% of the workers are unable to make it to the end of the month and are forced to get into debt. The violence of the police, incited by the president who said he was “at war”, provoked a harsh response from some of the demonstrators, and there were heavy clashes both in the first weekend of protest and on the day of the general strike, October 23rd.

Mobilisations in Chile, however, are not an isolated phenomenon, they must be placed within the context of a resumption of the international class clash in Latin America, which crosses several countries: Ecuador, where protests have managed to send back to the sender the “paquetazo” of neoliberal measures wanted by the IMF and President Moreno; Haiti, where protests have been going on almost uninterruptedly for months, demanding the resignation of the puppet president of the United States, Jovenel Moise; but also in Bolivia, where President Evo Morales came out victorious in the first round and now resists the attempts to destabilize the imperialist and neoliberal forces; or in Venezuela, where the government and the people resist determined economic war and sanctions of U.S. and EU imperialism. In Argentina, too, the scion of neoliberalism Macri, after having brought the country back into crisis and having indebted it as never before with the IMF, is creaking in anticipation of the next elections this Sunday.

In conclusion, history is not over as they wanted us to believe, and the South American people – but not only – are in these weeks putting into a deep crisis the neoliberal system that believed it would return to be the master on the continent. “If there is no bread for the poor, there will be no peace for the rich”.

Rete dei Comunisti

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